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Because not many people know about this beautiful band, and I feel that this is unfair. So here you have them, in no particular order (and in English, because I’m too lazy to translate this into Romanian). 🙂

1) „Take it back from your heart / Throw it back in your head / Take it back from your heart / You can see us falling / Fall in / Fall out” („Lights Out” – Automatic, 2008; Adolessons, 2009)

I have no idea if I got it right, but I always thought about this song as a tale of love between two very insecure individuals, unable to communicate with each other, who have no idea where they are going, if what they have can be called love, if it works out between them and so on. It feels like the prelude of a break-up. Anyway, beautiful song.

2) „Do you mind if I stare at you? / I will try to do it fast / We’re gonna make a scene / It will be a blast” („Taking Care of Anna” – Adolessons, 2009)

These lyrics might not seem a big deal, but once you realise that they are about a girl who dies when someone detonates a bomb in the cafe she’s in and that the part I wrote here represents the words that the perpetrator said to her before detonating the bomb… well, let’s just say that you might change your opinion.

3) „I wanna dream / You’re always right, I’m on your left / Side, I’m on it / Side, I’m on it for myself” („Apple” – Adolessons, 2009)

Well, you know the deal. You want a thing, the other person wants another thing and before you realise it, you start to grow apart. The lyrics are really interesting as a whole, but I chose this bit for the left/right thing which I’m particularly fond of.

4) „We’ll take the cars out of every garage band” („Take the Cars Out” – Adolessons, 2009)

Lyrically speaking, I can’t say that this is their best song ever, I like it mostly because it’s full of energy. However, I love this word play. It’s funny and it sounds really cool.

5) „A hole in our heart, is it all we’re left with / Our splendorous start, so poorly ended / A hole in our heart, with nothing to fill now / Returning to space, what a small step this was” („Telescope” – Electromagnetica, 2011)

We all know that dreadful feeling, the feeling of emptiness we have when a relationship ends and we don’t know what to do with ourselves and the freedom we suddenly have. That feeling is expressed perfectly in this song.

6) „Oh no, they fucked darkness with the light on their forehead / Only now they came out mining for the coal in our brains” („Coalmine” – Electromagnetica, 2011)

This is probably one of the best songs The Amsterdams ever wrote. It’s a really powerful tune, with drums that make you want to cry and bow to their awesomeness. The lyrics are about the 1990 June Mineriad, and they’re simply haunting – especially these two I wrote here.

7) „A shot or more, her body then hit the ground / But your cold hands they only killed our love / We left her there, only kissed her once / In our cruel hearts her blood will always run” („Three is a Crowd” – Electromagnetica, 2011)

A tragic story about a guy who cheats on his girlfriend with another woman, who is then shot and killed by the girlfriend with the silent consent of her lover. Sick love stories are fascinating (rest assured, Andrei told me that this story is 100% fiction).

8) „Tired of all the kisses / They’re wasted words and bruised tongues / This is not a love song / It’s a one night stand with the truth in my hand / It’s killing me to say this / But I was wrong to hurt you so / Let’s pretend we’re hippies, multiplying the species of love / Tomorrow’s our graveyard, let’s bury our memories deep in there” („You Make My Son Grow”)

I simply don’t have words to describe the beauty of this song. From the first time I heard it, I fell deeply in love with it and it remains one of my favourite The Amsterdams songs and definitely one of Andrei Hategan’s best lyrical efforts. It’s pure poetry.

9) „I fell in love, well, it didn’t have to come / It didn’t come for free / I met this girl, now she’s sleeping with another man / He’s not me” („Crackers” – Winds Apart, 2013)

Sexual and sentimental frustration never sounded so well like they do in this song.

10) „You’re trying on your six red hats / All the symphonies you never hear / You drink, you screw, with God knows who / Nothing else surrounds me” („Where to Go” – Winds Apart, 2013)

I talked before about emptiness – well, here it is, taken to a whole next level.

The Amsterdams can be found on Facebook and Bandcamp, give them a try, they are worth it.